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Friday, October 1, 2010

Missing Marlin Already

I sure have been a traveling girl lately.  Well I have one more weekend away planned.  I have been spoiled.  Most of my travels beyond 30 miles lately has been in our RV.  It's name is Marlin, after the previous owner.  Marlin allows me to travel without any worries.  It has a bathroom in it.  In the bathroom is all my ointments, diapers, wash toiletries.  I love Marlin. 
Well in a few hours my hubby will be home and we are off for a fun weekend with my siblings and their spouses.  It's our last celebration for Mom's 80th birthday.  We will be staying in a big, nice, house on the Oregon Coast.  So what's the problem?  We are not taking Marlin.  No room in the driveway, and too expensive to take for the 80 miles it will take to get there.  I did well on the Eastern Oregon trip, but all this week, about 3:00, my "digestion issues" have been BAD.  For Hours!  I didn't mind, because I just figured it was a trade-off for my bowels behaving on our Eastern Oregon trip.  So now I am hungry.  I want to eat.  But know that triggers my issues.  So I am drinking all the clear juices I can find in the house, and hoping for the best.  You can bet come around 7:30 this evening, I will be pigging out on something....Anything.

Yes, I am missing Marlin already.

BTW- still have a couple posts scheduled for this weekend.  And hopefully some good pictures of the coast and family on Monday.

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