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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Scottish Man Arrives

                                    Boy, I sure misjudged the day.  My "digestion" held out longer than I thought it would and the weather, well after some showers in the morning, it ended up a gorgeous day.  So after I got some chores done, I decided to go to the library again for more DVDs.  So I start walking.
This is an area of park I normally do not take pictures of.  But the lighting and grass were beautiful and I so wish for my Nikon 3000 camera I have dreaming about.

I found 3 more DVDs of Rosemary and Thyme at the library, decide to head back home.  But look what was calling to me.  Ice creme cones for $1.00.  Well you know I am always open to a bargain, so for the economies sake, I go in............

I order a coconut pineapple Ice cream.

Walk down to the little town square park close to my house.

Find this perfect bench, and start eating.  It is so lovely that I whip out a book and decide I will sit here as long as I want to and read and enjoy the sun.  This lasts no more than 5 minutes before it hits.  I have been in denial for quite a few months now.  Still am.  If you ask me if I wrote this, I will deny it because the solution it more than I can bare.  But I may be allergic to dairy.  OK maybe just an intolerance, but a bad intolerance.  OK, I said it.  But my love for cheese borders on obscene.  So I will continue on happily in denial.

I rush home, and get there just in time.  When things get bad, I lay on my bed because it is close to the bathroom.  So while sitting there for a while.  My lovely son Max comes strutting in as his newest obsession..............A Scottish Man.

Man, you have got to love the boy.  I mean Man.  I mean Scottish Man.

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