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Friday, October 8, 2010

What's the Plan Stan

Well I made it to the party last night.  It was good to see Mary and her girls.  I didn't get a chance to talk to her sons.  Visited mostly with LL's brother Tony and his wife Debby.  Chili was served at the party but I skipped eating because Chili and I have a love/hate relationship.  So I ate after we left party.  I have already ate breakfast, so today will be a challenging day with my "digestion".  Need to run to store before things start up.

The weather has changed and no more beautiful bright sunny mornings here for a little while.  It's raining.  As a native Oregonian, the rain rarely stops me from doing anything unless it is a real down pour.  But it does change my mood.  After getting back from the store, my plan is to get chores done and get out my knitting which has been stored away for months.  I try to start knitting some Christmas gifts in October so I don't feel rushed when Thanksgiving comes around.  I am not a very good knitter, just make scarves and dish cloths mostly.  But I enjoy it and when not feeling well, I still can sit and be productive.

Staying off Face Book today.  Not wanting to read negative stuff.  I do communicate with a friend, daily on FB.  She is an Involuntary Hermit also.  Because of health issues, leaving her house has become difficult, so we talk, and encourage each other to stay active.  I wish she lived a little closer so we can be hermits together.  Can one be a Hermit with company?  I guess not.  Kind of like Herbie and Rudolph being Independent Together. 

On a positive note, I have been trying hard to decrease our use of plastics in the home.  Buying the least amount of packaging possible, refilling, using more glass storage, etc.  I haven't been on my high horse lecturing LL and Bailey about what they do.  Just going about my own business, hoping it makes a difference.  Well, LL came home last night with a DVD someone at work gave him to watch.  The name is Addicted To Plastic by Ian Connacher.  LL walked in and said to Bailey that we have a video to watch together, and that Mom (meaning me) has already been concerned about the plastic issue.  See!  Sometimes just quietly changing my own behavior does get noticed and makes a difference.  So after I watch the film, I will let you know what I think.

I have a feeling as fall and winter sets in, I will be writing more often on this blog about my thoughts.  I am using you all as a sounding board.  My dogs and chickens do get tired of my babbling from time to time.  That's why they rarely answer me back:)  OK I am joking, haven't totally lost my mind...........Yet.

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