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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lark Rise to Candleford

OK if you have not figured it out by now.............I am a nerd.  I love Elton, Neil Young, my chickens, my dogs, polka dots and tye-dye and...............British Dramas.  Yes, I like watching Masterpiece Theatre and other British Dramas on PBS.  Oh not the Inspector this or Inspector that, but my favorite is Lark Rise to Candleford. 

It is based on the three novels by Flora Thompson.  It is inspired from her life in the late 19th century in a hamlet, Juniper Hill (Lark Rise), where she grew up, Buckingham, (Candleford), and where she worked in the post office, Fringford, (Candleford Green).

I have been watching this show on my local PBS for over a year now.  LL has even watched it if it is on when he is in the room as he seems to enjoy it.  The word that best describes it's characters is...........Endearing.  I have seen all the episodes, so when I seen the series on DVD at Costco, I couldn't justify purchasing it.  But if you find it there and have not seen the show.  Get it.  Otherwise, you can catch it on PBS every week but you will not see it in order.  You don't really have to, but it does help to understand and love the characters.  Here are a few that I like.

Dorcas Lane who is the Post Mistress.  She is in every bodies business but seems to have the best head on her shoulders.  She is played by Julia Sawahla.  It took me a few episodes to recognise her as one of the sisters in my favorite production of Pride and Prejudice.

Emma Timmins is easily my favorite character.  She is Laura's Mum.  Laura is based on Flora the author.  Emma is the rock of the show.  Very flawed and very strong.  You might recognise her from the most recent Hollywood production of Pride and Prejudice.  I love her best in the scenes with her husband..............

Robert Timmons. Played by Brendan Coyle.  I have not seen him in anything else but his character is so sweet, gruff, working man, and perfect as the family man who loves his wife and children but struggles all the time.  He has a strong sense of right and wrong but finds himself questioned by his beloved Emma all the time.

I can't wait till the new season, or series as they call it in British television comes on.  I don't usually watch reruns but find myself watching them again just for pure enjoyment.

I have also started watching a new Old British show I checked out at the library called Rosemary and Thyme.  I look forward to watching many of those and review it for you later.  Ta Ta or Cheerio. 

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