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Saturday, October 23, 2010

                                      Yesterday, shortly after I published my post, the weather cleared and it was a gorgeous day.  Max stayed in bed most the day, Kane stopped by to pick up our van.  He is performing in the Seattle area over the weekend.

While taking pictures of the beautiful sky yesterday, I decided to take some of my ladies.  I haven't posted pictures lately of them.

So I go hunting for them.  Yes, they are all three behind this Rhodie somewhere.  Maybe if I get lower, you might be able to see them.

Well you can see a little bit of Henrietta.  I guess I am going to have to force them out in the open.

Hannah and Harriet.  Harriet's feathers always look, well.........ruffled.  Probably because she works twice as hard as the other two, rarely misses giving me an egg.  Well she is slowing down a bit right now.

This is Henrietta, my favorite.  She gets picked on all the time by the other two.  Sometimes they keep her from eating.  They are just jealous.  She's a beauty isn't she.  Still need to get her some self-esteem.

LL did get home safely late afternoon.  We talked about the trip a little.  He mentioned one town he was in, while in restaurants and stores it is common to hear the N. word and other things that would not fly here in the Willamette Valley.  I said, "well, sound like a place I don't want to live."  All he said was "Nope".  I was back to cooking.  We had meatloaf, potatoes, acorn squash and salad.  A good Fall meal.

He brought home a necklace for his Lolly.  That's Bailey to everyone else.  He brought me these beautiful earrings that are titled Oregon Rain.  I love them.

LL was very tired so we went to bed really early.  So early, we probably ran into ourselves yesterday.  ????? OK, that made no sense but it was fun to write all the same:)

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katie said...

I love Oregon Rain Drops!!! When we went to the state fair the man who makes these fell for Samson, (who doesn't?), and he gave all 4 of us one on a necklaces!