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Friday, October 22, 2010

The Chill in the Air

                            Our days have been cool, crisp and clear lately.  Although this morning it is rainy and warmer.  We haven't turned on the furnace yet.  Just using our more efficient gas fireplace to take the chill out of the house in the mornings.


I am usually up way before sun rise.  Dawn is my favorite time of day.  There is always so much promise at the beginning of the day.  Although I have not had him around this week.  This early morning time is also what we call Coffee Time.  When I have had a particularly bad night, LL would let me sleep in.  I have told him to wake me up because my whole day does not feel right unless we have that quiet 1/2 hour together in the mornings.

With the weather changing, my ladies are starting to molt.  Egg production is sketchy.  Some days 1 egg, some days like yesterday, two.  Many days I get no eggs, but a couple days last week I got 4.  Harriet worked overtime for me, bless her itty bitty chicken heart.  I am hoping to get another year of egg production from my three girls.  Or else chicken stew they will become.  Oh right, can you imagine me ringing one of my girls neck, plucking them and putting them in the pot.  Not likely.  I will take them back to my enabler where I am sure they will live a long natural life with their sisters.  That's my story and I am sticking to it!

Yesterday, Mom was getting Internet fast speed.  It didn't happen.  Her computer is too old.  So Aunt Linda, you will be happy to know that this morning Karen and I are taking her to Salem to buy a new lap top.  Well I am not totally sure I will be making it.  Not my "digestion" this time.  Max came home very late from work last night not feeling well.  He slept at my house and I will have to see how he is feeling.  But Mom will get her computer all the same:)

Don't know what the plan is this weekend.  Probably get stuff done around here, because next weekend we will be at the beach in Marlin.  Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Added Later-Mom and Karen will have to pick out the computer without me.  Max really does not feel well and I will probably give his staff the day off.  Karen was disappointed cuz she thinks I know more about laptops.  I don't and she will do fine.  Really Karen, You will:)

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