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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Missing My Man

I will spare you the same pictures of LL and I.  Really need new ones of us but usually he or I are taking the pictures so.....

This week is going smoother and faster than I thought it would.  Even Bailey, who is a daddy's girl said it is going faster than she thought it would.  Have gone to lunch a couple times this week.  Pulled out some plants and replanted with some pansies.  Haven't worried about cooking and just taking each day as it comes. But......

I am missing my man.  Oh I miss him for practical things.  At night, he makes the coffee for the next morning.  Because I am a princess.  He takes Rufus each evening to Max's house so Rufus is there when Max gets home from work.  Because he almost always goes to bed after me, he turns out all the lights and locks all the doors.  Yes I miss him for all these things.  But I am just missing HIM.  Our coffee time in the morning allows us to connect and talk about plans for the day and just be.  I miss him coming home and telling me how his day went.  I miss his hugs and laughing at my most silliest of behaviors.  I miss him helping me get Max "over" his moods.  and I miss his just making me feel loved all the time.  He has called often.  He will probably be getting to Florence Oregon sometime today.  Work a while tomorrow, and be home by early evening.  It will only be 5 days that he has been gone, but I don't like it.

So I will be looking forward to tomorrow and things getting back to "normal".   Relatively speaking.

Added later....I know this song doesn't exactly fit. *More than Words by Extreme*  But it is one of my all time favorites so I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Music gets to the heart faster that anything.  And LL loves this song too, so play it on.

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