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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Silverton Murals-Four Freedoms

I have well established my love for my town of Silverton Oregon.  But with the encouragement of LL have decided to do a series of posts with more specific information.  Starting with a group of posts about our beautiful murals.  I have decided to do this on Thursdays.  Nothing happens on Thursdays, right?  So for the first installment I have decided on The Four Freedoms.

This is how it looks in our town, compliments of my crummy camera.  I believe this was the first of the many murals created in our town many years ago.  They are still making more.  But you might notice the scaffolding, which means it is needing some touch ups.  Here is some info about this mural.

On January 6, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt gave his speech on the State Of The Union to Congress.  In his speech he talked about Human Rights and in particular the Four Freedoms every citizen of our great nation should be granted.  Really what he was doing at the time is trying to motivate the country for fighting in World War II. 

In the year 1943, probably America's most beloved artist Norman Rockwell produced four paintings to depict the four freedoms from the Presidents speech.  Here are his pictures which were replicated for our town mural by David McDonald.

Freedom of Speech

Freedom to Worship

Freedom of Want

Freedom of Fear

I have many, many beautiful murals to show you.  But most require a little research so I decided to do them once a week or so.  I hope you will enjoy my little walking tour of the Silverton Murals.


Anonymous said...

Konnie, I love that you are doing the murals, and that you are doing all the leg work to find out the history of them, Kudos to you... Looking forward to nest Thursday... love ya Karen

Konnie said...

Thanks, I thought it would be a good series and gives me a little something to do. I took a walk yesterday and took pictures of about half of them. (It took a couple of hours) Need to do the other half today before the rains come tomorrow.