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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

I make no secret about it.  I love my home town.  Silverton is the kind of town where anyone of any faith, political, color, etc. will be accepted and can call it home. 

I also love the fall season.  Last year while going through chemo, I did not feel up to long walks, but I remember one particular Sunday, LL was out of town, and Kane along with Max and Bailey took me for a long car ride in search of fall foliage and barns for me to take pictures of.  I also love old barns.  So yesterday I decided to walk to the library with camera in hand, hoping to find beautiful signs of fall.

Silverton is known for the many beautiful houses.  Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, but I think the real gems are the many Craftsman houses that are maintained perfectly.  The air feels crisp.  It "feels like fall, but not seeing a huge change in the trees.

I love this house.  It should have a troll living in it.  Or Snow White.  I think Thomas Kincade should paint it. 

Going through the park, I am sure to see golds, browns and reds in the trees.  Nope.

Silver Creek's green foliage is changing.  But only slightly.

So I cross the bridge and know I am almost to the library.

Here is the path to the back of the library.  Lots of green here too.
I know!  It's early.  In three or four weeks I will see plenty of fall colors.  But I am an impatient girl.
I find a couple good books and a DVD to check out and start back for home.

Nope, no real changes when looking at my own house.  So I climb up the driveway and what do I see right by my own front door?

My hydrangea is changing from blue to the beautiful rose and mauve color it becomes in the fall.
See, there really is "no place like home".

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