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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Life is a Beach

I really need a better camera.  I took lots of pictures, but only half turned out.  Maybe we are a particularly unphotogenic family.  Naaa........It's the camera.
Kris made a cake for Mom.

The house was large and beautiful.  Great location, by a great beach and close to the Casino.  Got to have that for Mom.  Actually I think LL was at the casino more than Mom.

The house had two balconies looking onto the ocean.  This is my sis-in-law Carolyn, and Karen my sis.

I was determined to get a decent picture of Kris.  Usually she is sticking her tongue out or doing some gesture that's just wrong.

Karen and John on the lower balcony.

Seems like I always get stuck between these two.  My brothers Dave and Doug.

While on the upper balcony, this lovely guy decided to visit me.  Darn it, I did not have any bread.

Like Kris, LL avoids the camera or does something to make it not blog worthy.  But I did get this one.  Sorry Hun, if you let me take more pictures, I might be able to put a better one of you on here:)

We had a great time.  This is the last of my fun weekends planned.  So back to my boring, I mean fascinating, meaningful, day to day blogs for a while.

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