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Sunday, October 3, 2010

God's Creatures Great and Small

I love animals.  I am not a vegetarian, so I can't claim not to ever be a part of using and hurting animals.  But   Uncle Leo supplies my beef.  Very humanely treated, and processed.  My eggs are from my own chickens and they have a good life.
I don't like what I see from large poultry farms and other farms with chickens, pigs, etc. never seeing the light of day their whole life.  Overcrowded, bred and fed for fast growing and fast harvesting.  The eggs you get from supermarket are a pale yellow yolk with shells that are soft.  My eggs are hard to crack and the yolks a golden orange.  Like they use to be.  I need to do a better job knowing where my fish and meats originate from. But I am getting better and I eat less meat than I use to.

The pets in my life are precious to me.  Even my chickens which really are livestock and I use them for their eggs, but I know their personalities and know when one is not well.  The boys are especially precious.  Beau and Rufus keep me company all day long.  And I love meeting new friends like this turtle named Yoda.

So Thank you God for these wonderful creatures you have put in my life.

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