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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So much for Goodwill

Went on a walk today.  Needed to return things to the library, but on my way I walked to the post office and then Goodwill.  Didn't find anything worth buying at Goodwill but did find myself in a position that I didn't know what to do.

While walking through the glassware, I hear this lady yelling at her child.  "Stop being such a whiny stupid brat, we going".  Well, I start to head there to interfere.  Normally don't get involved with parents parenting, but this was definitely verbal abuse.  So before I get to her, a large man with 3 boys trailing behind him, came up to her and yelled "How long did you expect us to wait in the car? Get your lazy ass in the car so we can get going."  Well this guy was big and I was a little scared.  The best I could do was give him a dirty look.  All the kids were school age so either they were home schooled or from out of town. 

LL and I have our disagreements.  Our arguments definitely can get heated.  I was raised by parents who argued more than their fair share.  My mom is no shrinking violet.  I can hold my own with LL.  But never do I remember my parents disrespect each other like that.  LL and I never resort to such behavior either.  And as for the way the mom talked to the little girl.  Well about breaks my heart.

The thing is, in my experience, if they are acting like this in public, it can only be much worse in private.

In hindsight, I wish I would have said something to the mom or the dad.  Probably would not have made any difference, but at least it might have made one of them think.  I am not very proud of myself.  Fear to interfere is not a good thing.

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