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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jam Tart Bandit

I should not have worried about not sleeping well without LL.  Last night, after I went to bed, Bailey must of came in, picked Beau up and put him on the bed and laid down herself.  I woke up this morning with Bailey cuddled up and Beau in between us with his head on the pillow.  He usually sleeps in his man cave underneath our bed.  He was so cute.  Don't worry LL, I will wash the sheets Friday before you get home.

I made it to lunch yesterday with my friend Michele.  I really miss seeing my friends more often.  Every one's lives change so fast.  Chuck, her husband is also our friend, and their children Alex and Devon are so dear to me.  So catching up on their lives was a good thing:)

LL called last night and the poor guy had to hear me ask "Did you take the Jam Tarts in the baggie?"  Oh I know the look on his face at the time, like "man, how can I answer this without lying."  I made two batches of tarts.  Put most in a container for him to take, but a few in a baggie for my Mom and Karen.  I made those without seeds so Mom could eat them.  Both Mom and Karen love my jam tarts.  Well he did fess up and said he was in such a hurry that he just grabbed the whole thing.  So for today, I will make another batch and take some for Mom and Karen.  They are not hard to make, just messy and time consuming.

Besides making jam tarts, I need to plant some winter pansies, go to library, then just chores.  I must say, after complaining a lot lately about my "digestion", this past week I was able to take Karen to the hospital and be there all day, go to Kanes show, and make it to lunch with my friend Michele.  Thank you God for a good week.

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hi I've tried a few times to email you but they don't seem to be getting through
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