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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So.....What's in a Name?

So, what is in a name?  For most people, they are named after someone in the Bible, or a family member. etc.  Not my kids, no sirree.  That would be just too normal for LL and I.  Our children were named after T.V. characters.  All three of them.  Kinda happened by accident.  In 1985, we heard the name Zachary a couple times.  Loved the name, so when our first born was in the hospital, his name for two days was Zachary.  But we noticed something.  We were in a very big hospital in the Seattle area.  2/3's of the boys in the nursery were named Zachary.  Decided to make a change.  One of Cole's, oh I mean LL's favorite shows was Kung Fu.  He loved the main character, and although it was spelled different.  We decided to name our first born Kane.  And the rest is history.  Kane Arlin

When pregnant with our second child.  We decided on two names.  One was Charlie, just because  we liked the name.  The other, we chose from one of the most beloved TV characters that we knew.  Maxwell Smart.  When I was in surgery, I was having a C-Section, the nurse asked us what we were naming the baby.  We told her of our two choices.  She piped up and said "it must be Maxwell."  Found out later, her name was Maxine.  So Max is was.  And the rest is history.  Maxwell Lee

For our youngest we had boy and girl names picked.  Zachary and Charlie was still among them, but for a girl, we had Karly Clare, KC for short picked out.  I really liked KC, my mom's middle name is Clare.  The other name was Bailey.  I never really liked the show WKRP in Cincinnati, but loved the character Bailey Quarters.  So when she was born, I took one look at all that beautiful red hair and said, this is a Bailey.  And the Rest is History.   Bailey Rose


Cottage Tails said...

Abbey is named after the step mother Abby in eight is enough. I loved the name from when I watched the show.
Love Leanne

Lisa said...

I never knew all of that!! :) how fun to get to know the history behind their names! Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

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