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Monday, October 18, 2010

Little People, Big World

                                       Bailey is a very busy girl.  She works 6 days a week, has a 3 hour class on Monday nights, on Wednesday night her class is 4 hours long.  She has studying, tries to spend at least a couple evenings a week with her boyfriend Rett, helps a lot around the house, and still makes time for friends. 

This last Sunday, she and a couple friends went to the Roloff Pumpkin Farm.  They are the stars of TLC's Little People, Big World.  They live about 40 miles from where we live.
Audrey, Bailey, and Alex.  Alex is my friend Michele, who I am having lunch with today, daughter.

Zach is the only kid of the family who is a little person.

Matt, the dad.  Bailey said he is even smaller in real life.

This car has been featured many times on the show.  It is Jeremy's Beamer

Here is the ever so handsome Jeremy.  He is Zach's twin

Alex, and the ever so handsome Jeremy

The girls with Matt's parents and Molly, Matt and Amy's daughter

Bailey said all the family were very nice.  She got to see the whole farm, but did not meet the mom Amy.  Bailey said the line to meet her was really long.  Too bad, Amy is my favorite.  Guess I just identify with her as the mom.

I so love seeing Bailey having fun with her busy life.  I am proud of her, and glad she is so active as long as she doesn't over do it.  You are only young for a short amount of time and should take advantage of it.  She sure is making the most out of life right now.

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Michele said...

love the pic's and loved having lunch may need to make this a monthly thing :)