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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Marlins A Shaking

We know the weather was going to change, so all morning, LL, Max and I have been out enjoying the beach while we still can.
No rain, just getting cloudier

LL spotted this house to buy when he wins the lottery.  He has always loved A-Frames.

Darn this camera.  LL is holding up a rock with lots of sea critters on it.  can't tell can you?  LL thought I was just getting a picture of the rock, because when he knows he is in a picture.............

He does something ridiculous like this.  Kris and LL can not be serious when a camera is around. 

Here is my house to buy when I win the lottery.  Maybe LL and I will buy both houses and "visit" each other occasionally.  Problem is, we hardly ever buy a lottery ticket:(

Max decided to play on the beach before the storm hits.

Really?  did you have to put that picture in?  That's what LL will ask me when he reads this. 

The storm has been shaking Marlin for a while now.  So we came in and watched the movie Killers which I will review for you soon.

Look at the beautiful picture our new TV gets.  Good thing.  I have steak marinating, and LL is looking forward to watching the Ducks game in about an hour.  Max has been great, just relaxing.  But I did promise him, we would stop at a couple antique shops tomorrow:)  yes I am resorting to bribing.

So the rest of the evening will be watching the fabulous waves the storm brings in.  Watching the Oregon Ducks game and eating steak, baked potato and green salad.  Yes, I am getting addicted to weekend Rving:)

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denimflyz said...

Love the photos of the Pacific.
I have never seen the ocean, so I truly love photos of the power that it contains.
Hope you are well and enjoy the weekend and Halloween.