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Saturday, October 30, 2010


We made it and I am on-line.  This is how low tech I am.  I am still amazed how you can access the Internet in our RV just a few feet from the Ocean.  But I did!

Hard to see in this picture.  But we decided to take Rufus with us.  He is a contortionist and is curled up between the two front seats.

Beau is in his regular spot.  Underneath the table.  I guess he feels safe there when we are traveling.

We arrived at the beach around 3:30 but did some stuff around the town of Lincoln City before we went to the RV park.  This park is Sea and Sand.  We stayed here a few years ago, and if you have the right site, it is the best view of the beach you will find anywhere.  We GOT the right site.

This is Max and Rufus, right outside our RV.

And Beau and I.  The weather was actually sunny when we arrived.

We decided to set our chairs right by the ocean to catch the sunset.

Max even enjoyed the spectacle.  The most Beautiful sunset I have ever seen in my life.

I think LL would agree with me.  We were both in awe.  Even my crummy camera could catch the beauty of it.  So here is last nights sunset.  I hope you enjoy it.

Just the start

Look at the colors.

No photo shop used here.  The sky kept getting oranger and oranger.

And then in a moment.  It was gone.  But the sky stayed orange long after.

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Cottage Tails said...

One of my fav things is to see the sun rise & set.

Love Leanne