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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome Mom

Mom's new computer is up and running.  Up till now, she has seen my blog only a couple times.  Her old computer made it almost impossible.  Now she has a laptop with fast speed Internet.  Best mind my P's and Q's.  No, she knows me better than anyone, so the tone of the blog is not likely to change.

I picked Green green grass of home as the song today in honor of her.  She loves this song.  The thing is, choosing which singer was difficult.  Everyone from Merle Haggard to Porter Waggoner recorded this.  I could of put on Elvis singing this song, but LL said it had to be Tom Jones.  So Tom it is.
Yesterday, I went with Kris to cut Kathy's hair.  They had her dressed so cute.  She had this dress on with black tights and matching shoes.  After Kris was done doing her hair, her staff was doing her nails.  She sure was styling when we left her.  Again, the lighting was not good in the room and my camera is really not very reliable so this was the only decent picture.  Santa, if you are reading this.  Nikon D3000 is on my list.  Along with a goat.  Yes a goat.  Not for me, I want to buy one from I think it is called Heifer International for a woman in Africa to feed and support her family.  We bought a couple of them a few years ago.

I am not sure what we are doing today.  I got very little sleep last night.  The first half of the night my "digestion" was really bad and was up till about 2:30.  Around 3:00 Rufus woke me up.  Usually he is at Max's house but Max slept here last night.  So I get up and both he and Beau run to the food dish.  Pretty sure they were fed yesterday, but at 3:00, who am I to argue.  So I fed them and back to bed I go.  About a half hour later, they are waking me up again.  This time to go outside.  I let them out and back to bed I go.  About 15 minutes later, I wake to barking right outside the french doors in my bedroom.  OK!  I let them back in and back to bed I go.  A little while later, I wake up with the feeling that someone is starring? staring? at me.  Rufus head is just a couple inches from my face.  I get up and ask him WHAT is the matter?  Both he and Beau start running around when I get up.  I think they are so use to spending all their time with me that they wanted me to get up and play with them.  Well, I am not happy or amused.  Unless they are waking me up to tell me Timmy fell into the well, leave me the H*&) alone!  Of course I tell them this, and here lies my problem.  I treat them like they are human.  LL says I am becoming one of those Dog Women.  Like a Cat Lady. 
So Now I am up, rummy and all.  And right now Beau is on LL's lap snoring away.  Should wake him up just to spite him.  I know, I know!  I'm still treating them like they are human.


Cottage Tails said...

I hope santa listens!!!

Love Leanns

Anonymous said...

Konnie, LL was right it had to be Tom Jone's version of Green Green Grass of Home.... Karen

denimflyz said...

Welcome Aboard Mom!
Love Tom Jones, grew up listening to all of them, Merle, Tom, Elvis, etc, dates me.
Wonderful blog,

Warm Nebraska Regards,