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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Angels Are My Favorite

I collect a few things.  But I am certainly not the collector type.  Before our house fire, I had a lovely collection of green glassware, especially thumb print.  I also had a lot of cobalt blue bottles.  Those are long gone.  Here is what I collect now.  Bird houses, just have a few.  Rosaries,  my dads mercury filled is my most precious.  Avon Cologne bottles, I have a piano, but most are of cars.  But by far, my favorite is angels.  Soon I will post pictures of some of my angels, I also like angel pins to wear (which ties into my newest collecting, broaches) But yesterday, while at the Abbey, I decided to take pictures with my new camera of one of my favorite angels.
Isn't she beautiful.  If I could get away with digging her up and taking her home, I would.

The lighting wasn't how I wanted. So I will go back and retake some photos.

But the detail on this statue is just beautiful.

I am planning on setting up a separate blog just for my photography.  This Blog is suppose to be about my journey of recovery and discovery.  And although I will continue to post pictures when it is relevant to my day or life, I can already tell I will need a separate venue to display my growth in photography.

Added later...........I forgot to mention Lunch Pails.  This is one collection, LL and I enjoy getting together and have some really good ones.  Really need to post my angels and lunch pails:(  I keep forgetting.

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