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Monday, November 22, 2010

Hoping for Snow

I could be wrong, but I can remember only one time in my life, having snow before Thanksgiving.  The year 1985.  I was very pregnant with Kane.  The prediction is for snow this afternoon.  When the weather men predict snow, I always get my hopes up, only to have them dashed.  But I am going to plan my day as if I am home bound later. 

Since I am having Thanksgiving, I have some things I have to get done today.  Laundry caught up, bedroom cleaned, fridge cleaned out.  And a trip to the store.  Usually, I am organized and have lists and a timeline.  I have neither right now.  Just so scatterbrained, so when I get done writing this, I will sit and make lists, make sure everyone knows what they are bringing, figure out what I can make a head of time.

Later, if the snow comes, I can still work inside, but I wont want to.  I will want to get out and take a few pictures, make a simple dinner, and sit and watch the flakes fall.  Oh I hope, I hope.

So hopefully, I will post a couple pictures later feature snow.  A girl can dream, can't she?

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Kuusou said...

Snow?! Wow, it's 76 F here in good ole Texas today...what I would give for lovely snow. :)