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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh my Aching BACK

As usual, my great plans of yesterday.........didn't happen.  Oh I got a few things done.  Mainly,
Cleaning out and making room in my fridge for the next few days Thanksgiving preparations.  As I was finishing up with the fridge, it hit.  Yes my "digestion".  I spent hours sitting, and running to bathroom.  The sitting has to happen to get a few minutes of relief.  By evening, I was drained and mad that 1. I got almost nothing done, and 2. The snow was nowhere to be seen.  But wait!  Of course after it turned dark, it started.

Early this morning, I got my boots on, coat, hat and gloves, loaded up my camera with every intention of walking a bit of the neighborhood to give you beautiful shots of winter wonderland.  I took on set out on the concrete and a flying I a went.  On the ground I mean.  The thing is, a normal person would have tried to break to fall, grabbed something, anything, to ensure no injury.  Not me.  I protected my most prized material possession.  Baby.  It just came natural to keep my camera from getting damaged.

After I picked myself up, realized underneath the dusting of snow is a thick slick coating of ice.  So the best I could do this morning, is take a picture off my balcony of the pretty snow.

I have so much to get done today but know that what ever I plan, my body, or the weather might have other plans.  So if my house isn't as clean as it should be, or if that one side dish or dessert does not get made.  Oh well, I am doing the best I can, and my family are starting to have low expectations of me anyway:)  Who ever thought that would be a good thing.

Now I am going to take a Advil and hope I didn't do too much damage from my fall.  My back is hurting a bit.  Oh well.  Just another Konnie moment.

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