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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oh He Is Going To Hate Me

My husband went to work twice this morning.  Once at 3:00 am to oversee the work to be done on driveway and parking lot to combat ice.  A few years ago, an employee slipped and sued so LL is very careful to make things as safe as possible.  Came home to pick up somethings and went to work again at 5:30 am.  When talking to him, I mentioned about going to the grocery store.  Because the roads have gotten much worse since this morning, and our driveway is a very steep and curvy incline.  He said no go.  What to do?, what to do!  So I am now suppose to e-mail him my grocery list.  He is going to HATE me.

First off, he needs to go to our locally owned store to buy their in house made stuffing mix.  It has to be this brand.  They also have other specific items that need to be bought there.  But they are more expensive.  So he will then need to go to Safeway after that to get the bulk of the list.  This is the first reason he will not be happy.  The second reason............he has no clue how much money I spend when hosting a holiday.  I am in charge of household expenses, and although I don't keep it a secret, I also don't announce to him how much I spend on the holidays I host.  There are just a few added expenses when hosting a family of 18 to 20 people.  Oh he will also see the necessity of it and to be fair, he loves the holidays at our house and never begrudges the extra costs, (that he knew about).  So the initial, WHAT! out of his mouth when he sees the amount on the register, will be soon forgotten.  I think this is a common happening with wives and husbands.  But I just find it a little amusing how he offers to do this shopping to keep me safe, but when he gets home, he will want to kill me.

Here's my list.

Dairy area
Half and half creamer
Sour cream

Bakery area
Roths brand stuffing bread crumbs 2 packages (has to be roths brand)
Cannon ball bread for spinach dip
A dessert if there is something that looks good

3 cans of green beans
2 cans mushroom soup
A large can of durkees fried onions
2 cans of cranberry sauce. Make sure it is sauce and not berries
Best foods mayo
2 cans of water chestnuts, not the cheap brand they taste awful. Sliced or whole (usually in asian area)
Chicken broth 3 cans

Produce area
Green onions 2 bunches
Asparagus if on sale
2 cooks brand champagne Brute
1 bottle fetzer Gertser……..don’t know how to spell. Ask somebody
Soda pop. Enough for everyone to have during the day. 8 liters or 4 twelve packs, diet and regular

Beau’s dog food. Benetful

Frozen food
2 Spinach chopped

Really important.
Get 1 to 4 knorrs vegetable soup mix.
If they have none, you have to go to the other store to try to get this. They always sell out during holidays, so get up to 4 if they have them.

Call me when you get to store in case I forget to list somethingJ

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