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Friday, November 5, 2010

I HATE the Bast@#$S

If you have read my blog, you know I can't stand mice and snakes.  But I have a deal with them.  You stay out of my green house and my home, I wont bother you.  Then there are the squirrels.  We always have a lot of them around our place.  That's OK.  Their cute and don't bother anything.  UNTIL NOW!!.  I get that it's slim pickings out there for them. 

Darn things are too fast for me to even get a good picture of them.

But on Wednesday, I needed to get some chicken scratch and feed for the girls.  I bought a plastic garbage can to hold the feed.  (I KNOW!  I should have bought a metal one, but you said nothing of it at the time.)  I noticed the top not on tightly but didn't think anything was the matter.  Stuck my hand in, felt something furry and SCREAMED like I have never screamed before.  The squirrel jumped out of the can and looked more upset than I.  So I thought MY BAD.  Need to make sure the top is closed tightly on the can.  And this is now what they are doing...........

Scratching, biting and clawing their way in.  I know!  I will buy a metal can this weekend.

I keep a bit of the chicken scratch in a small coffee can for easier use.  So I go get it and they got the top off and spilled the whole thing.  Damn I hate those blasted squirrels.  I am a peaceful pacifist, but if I could run fast enough and had a shovel in my hand,  I seriously would consider murdering the whole bunch of them

There were three by my girls run, and found the ladies cowering in the corner, underneath the Rhodie.


momentsofwhimsy said...

Oh my - what a pain to put up with! It's mice, rats and rabbits to watch out for in regards to chicken feed and gardens around here.

Anonymous said...

love some days are diamonds somedays are stones.. one of Dad's favorites. but maybe you should of put Ray Stevens Mississippi Squirel...sounds like you almost had a religious momment with that squirel like in the song.. Karen

lisa said...

It might make you feel better to know that the world is minus one more squirrel... there was a squished one in the parking lot at church yesterday... ;)