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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just Hanging Around

Finally bought the wall hangings for dining area.  I hope I made a good choice but won't know till they are on the wall
It will take a while to fill this.  It fits 24 4x6 photos.  It's a little small for the wall, so I got this to put along side.

We'll see how it looks in a few days.

After I got home from Salem I did get the coop cleaned out and a few other things done.  Later in the afternoon, Kane came over. 

Beau crawled up beside him

I guess wanting a guitar lesson.

Rufus could care less

Wow, that must have been some lesson.  Beau was exhausted after that:)

Feel bad for my boy being off work but it sure is nice having him around a little more.


katie said...

I may have just had a brilliant idea... I think that Gaij is ready to start guitar lessons.. could be something to keep Kaners busy and make some $$... and a great way for Gaij to spend more time with your family... I'll talk to Troy tomorrow.

Konnie said...

Call Kane if Troy agrees