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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silverton Murals-Don Pettit

Silverton has been the home for a few stars.  Clark Gable and Howard Hessman both called Silverton home for a while.  But the biggest star or at least hero in my mind is Astronaut Don Pettit.
Don Pettit was born here in Silverton in 1955,  graduated from Silverton High School in 1973.  He was in the same class as my brother-in-law Steve, (Bud).  He received his bachelors degree from Oregon State University, and earned his doctorate in chemical engineering from the University of Arizona.

Dr. Pettit was selected by NASA in 1996, and went to space in 2002 and was in space for Expedition 6 for 161 days. He did another space exploration in 2008 and also has been on missions to Antarctica to do experiments for our country and the world.

This is a true brave American Hero and he was born, and raised here in my hometown.  He came back a few years ago for the ceremony to celebrate the new mural in his honor and he was also was the star of our little quait parade for Homer Davenport Days.

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Anonymous said...

Konnie I always enjoy your blog postings but I do believe your Mural postings are my favorite.. thanks for doing the research and informing us about them, I try to make a effort to go and see the mural of the week... Love you, Karen