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Friday, November 12, 2010

I Would Give My Eye Tooth..........

Today is the kind of day that I would like to be out taking photographs.  The sun is shining through a haze of fog.  I bet I could find great shots almost anywhere.  But unfortunately I am sitting at home waiting for a phone call.

Over the last couple years I have neglected making it to my regular cleanings and checkups.  Over the last 6 months I have scheduled this twice but had to cancel within an hour of the appointment because of my "digestion".  Well now I have a tooth ache and from the looks of my gums, an infection.  I called yesterday afternoon, and will call back at 10:00 if I don't hear from them by then.  I don't think I can make it through the weekend with the pain.  I wish they would just call in an antibiotic because that is about all they will do after they see me, then probably wait till next week to take care of the tooth.  I am taking ibuprofen and Tylenol, but I really would like to take something for the pain that is stronger, but since I will be driving myself to the appointment, that is not an option.

I feel bad for LL this morning.  He asked if I was in a lot of pain and I started crying.  Not because of the pain, but because I have a big fear of being in the dentist chair with them working on me and then I having an accident.  A grown woman should not have to fear filling her diaper while at the dentist.  Because I did not see this coming, and have not fasted, having "issues" while being at the dentist is a very real possibility.  Dang, I wish they would call:(

Updated later......Well I got in to see the dentist.  I really like my new dentist.  After looking at the tooth, x-rays, etc.  And going over my limitations because of digestion, we decided to extract the tooth instead of going to an oral surgeon and gum specialist.  He felt they would come to the same conclusion as he that there is no saving the tooth.  So he removed it and I am now at home waiting for pain med to kick in so that I can go to bed for a while.

The dentist basically said the same thing my cancer surgeon has said.  I must have an amazing high tolerance of pain because the infection ate through the bone.  Yes, I guess I do, but must say I am sure hurting now.  But am glad I have it taken care of and hopefully in a couple days, be feeling better. 

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angela said...

I hope you feel better soon, I feel for you I really do. Bigh cyber hugs for you from across the seas.