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Friday, December 3, 2010

For Crying Out Loud!

Someone forgot to notify the ticket outlet that I am Elton's number one fan and should get tickets.  Kane on line, my niece on her cell, and I was on two phones.  We never got beyond a busy signal on the phones and the new ticket outlet was so goofed up, I thought Kane was going to throw the computer against the wall.  So unless some miracle happens, no Elton for me this year:(

For this next part of the post.  In my defense, this mess is not mine.  Also in defense of most everyone else in this family, it's not their mess either.  The culprit is the ever so creative genius Max.  When he gets an idea, he goes down to the storage and looks for supplies to make his creations.

It's almost too embarrassing to post.  But I will post it only because...........

It looks so good now.  It's a bit empty because all the Christmas decorations are now upstairs waiting to be put up.  When we put them away, I have two big empty tubs for a lot of them to go in.  Also I have 5 boxes to still go through, but it is a lot of little stuff so I will do that while watching t.v. one evening. 
Boy was it getting hard finishing up with Kane's and my halo's bumping together. 

Must say, nothing makes you feel better then when you finish a big job you have been putting off.  The freezers AND the storage room in one week.  I wonder what my saint name should be. 


Cottage Tails said...

oooh sorry you didn't get tickets.

Good job sorting & tidying.

Love Leanne

Lisa said...

I think I saw some of the contents of the first two photos on the lawn Saturday afternoon on my way out of town... Looks like you made some really great progress!!! :) way to go Kaner and Konnie!