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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve and Popcorn

I love Christmas eve.  Sometimes we open gifts Christmas day and sometimes Christmas eve.  This year, it worked out on Christmas eve.  Late afternoon, I decided to get the boys ready.
I guess Rufus was expecting a bone in his stocking.

Beau jingled all over the house in his antlers.

I wanted to go to church.  I did my hair and got dressed up.  But about half hour before service, "issues" started up.  Kane also stayed home, he has been sick for days.  But LL, Max and Bay made it to church.  When they got back, we got food ready and sat down.  "LL and Kane, let me take a picture of you."............. 

"will you be serious"! 

I guess they thought looking like they are thinking is being serious.
"would you just look like you love and have affection for each other".


Before we open gifts, Max read in the book of Luke.  I love the Christmas story, and Max did a very fine job of reading some very difficult words.

Time to open stockings.  LL gets most of the little gifts in the stockings. 

We then opened all the presents from each other.  Kane got a camera, Bailey got clothes and purse, Max got a graphic novel and pizza gift card.  I got beautiful earrings and a tripod for Baby.  We all received many thoughtful gifts from each other.  Rett gave LL and I a gift card to our favorite pub. :)  But the gift I got LL I think tickled him more than all the rest.

LL has almost an absurd love for popcorn.  His favorite is when he goes to the movies, buys a huge tub, and eats off it for days.  So I got him a Theater style popcorn maker.

He quickly opened it up and set it up.  Read the directions, started it and waited. 

He made another batch............and waited.


Made another batch............and waited

I don't know when I have seen such concentration on his face. 

Now we have popcorn coming out of our ears.

I have created a Monster.

Today, we are all going to my sister's house to celebrate.  I am also taking family pictures for a few.

Have a wonderful, blessed holiday.  And remember to love and celebrate the family God has given you.

Happy Holidays.................Love, Konnie

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Cate said...

Glad that you had such a lovely Christmas Konnie!

All the best for the rest of the holiday season :-)