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Friday, December 3, 2010

Light My Fire

I can build a fire.  Of course I can.  When I have kindling, a fire is a piece of cake.  Well yesterday, I went down to start a fire in the basement so Kane and I would be more comfortable cleaning out the storage room.  Kane wasn't here yet so might as well get the chill out before he arrives.  So I go get the kindling.  None to be had.  Now I certainly could chop some.  No I can't.  Me and a Hatchet is not a good idea.  I have never been good at chopping wood, and with my neuropathy, well, not going to happen.
So I sweep up all the little pieces and think, this might work

It didn't.  So maybe more newspaper might revive it.  I run upstairs and grab the first newspaper I come to.  Take the first page off and what do I find?

You know when a gold fish sees something shiny.  It forgets what it's doing and their off looking at the shiny object.  Well.............You can't get any shinier then My Elton!

HE'S COMING.  Why did my front to back newspaper reading husband not tell me.  Could it be because the tickets are always outrageous?  Could it be that LL thinks me seeing Elton 9 times already is quite enough.  I do not know.  Tickets go on sale noon today.  My heart is fluttering just thinking about it.  What was I doing?  A good 15 minutes go by.  I am imagining me with a front row seat (never been even near the front row before) Elton looking down at me and saying "There's my number one fan, so happy to see you again Konnie".  Oh we will have a moment.  I just know it.  What was I doing?  Hmmmm.  Kane comes in, goes downstairs, I follow him.  Oh yes, the fire.

Luckily he chops kindling well.

I ended up getting three phone calls from people wanting to make sure I knew Elton is coming.  I am loved.

Kane and I got the storage half done.  LL was having people over to play music, and since the music room was Kane and my sorting room.  We had to put the room back in order so didn't get the job done.  But Kane said he will be back this morning to help me finish up.  Kane must also still believe in Santa.  He's being an awfully good boy:)

Added later............maybe I have seen him 10 times.  How can I not be sure?!!  Do people forget how many times they met the Pope, the angel Gabriel?  I hope God sees my satire and does not strike me down.  I think it is ten times I have seen my Elton.  The house fire ate up all my old tickets, so I am not sure.  Hopefully, Kane and I will take a break close to noon and with him on the internet and his cell, and me on my cell and landline, we might get the seats we want.  I have them scoped out.  Yes, I am his number one fan.!

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