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Sunday, December 5, 2010

O Christmas Tree

I know.  If I am trying to live more green, how can I get a cut Christmas tree?  Well, living here in Oregon, I consider it like buying produce at a farmers market.  Oregon is the worlds largest producers of Christmas trees, and in the valley where I live, we are surrounded by Christmas tree farms.  So I feel little or no guilt buying a cut tree.  I know!  Food is a necessity, a Christmas tree is not, but this is one concession I am  willing to make.  If I lived somewhere where the trees are shipped hundreds of miles, I might skip this tradition.  But as a blessed Oregonian, the tradition of Bailey and I driving LL nuts will continue.

"This one? NO?  How about this one?  NO? Crymanitly! they all look the same to me, will you just pick one!!"  LL says. 

Was he kidding?  You can see the problem with this tree.  Not meaning to be offensive here but even Stevie Wonder could see the problem with this tree.

How about this one? 


Our Saturday afternoon was spent watching the Civil War.

Oregon Ducks vs Oregon State Beavers

Practically everyone in Oregon, whether they normally watch football or not, ends up at a bar watching, a party watching, or like us, in front of our big screen TV with a pizza.
Oregon Ducks Won!  We are on our way to the National Championship in Arizona.  I think I know what we're doing one day in early January.  Whoo Hoo!  No we're not going to Arizona, we'll be sitting in front of the big screen with a pizza:)

Now, back to the Christmas tree.  Max and Bailey put up ornaments.

And a good job they did.

I busied myself with hanging stockings and putting up other decorations.

So the living room is done.  I am not sure if LL is going to put lights up outside or not.  Since I have no intention of helping, I have decided not to hound him about it.......anymore:(  Very charitable of me, isn't it?

We then went to Mom's.  Kris and Steve already had her tree up and decorated it before we got there.  The tree top will be put on later by my niece Kara.  It's a tradition.  It's her big moment so we let her have it:)

When we got there, Karen, her grandson Sam, David, Kris, Steve, Mom and Uncle Leo were all sitting around visiting.  Glad Max, LL and I came over so mom isn't lonely on a Saturday night ;-)

Today is the Purdy Christmas.  It is held in Sublimity, about 15 miles south of Silverton, in the foothills of the cascades.  I have  every intention of going.  I will make the food to take, and get ready.  But I have a feeling...........just a hunch, I might be having "issues" around that time.  Oh I hope not. 


Cottage Tails said...

ahhh a real tree! - We have fake one due to allergies, but nothing smells nicer than a real tree.

katie said...

I think its actually better for our planet to get a real tree that won't end up in a landfill eventually. Then again if its not a local tree the trucks shipping them are just as damaging as the waste of a discarded tree. We haven't had a tree since moving into this tiny house, we decorate the house plants instead, everyone having their own "trees".
.... Sorry we missed the Purdy x-mas, but Lego Robotics was a blast!