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Monday, December 6, 2010

Purdy Christmas

Well it is that time of year.  The Purdy Christmas.  If you have been reading my blog for a while, you might remember our Purdy picnic.  Well, this is a repeat.  Tons of food, lots of people, only we're indoors.  Of course there are a couple activities different.  Santa visits, we have a raffle and play bingo.
My Aunt Agnes's family were our hosts this year.  It's us Staab's turn next year.  The food was delicious.  The host family makes the turkey and fixings, this year there was some smoked turkey.  I got to tell ya, that was some tasty turkey.  I don't know how to smoke a turkey, but if I did, that is how I would fix it from now on.  YUMMO

As usual, the dessert table is almost as long as the food table.

And Aunt Leone never disappoints, she brought her Carmel corn and tons of her home made wine.  I just had a few sips, I was trying to ward off my "issues"  It didn't matter, when I was a third of the way done eating, it hit.  How do you inconspicuously run to the bathroom, grabbing your diaper bag, and praying all the while that one of the stalls is free.  A little embarrassing, and I did this a few times.  After a while, I sat quietly and was able to slow things down a bit.  I need to change how I eat at these get togethers.  Bring my own whole foods, and not eat until close to the end.  I think next time we are all together I will try this.

The Hall is plenty spacious.

You could even say it glows.  Sam had to show me his shirt that lights up.

Pep, Jim and Dave

Some of the Hess family

Linda, Leone, Evelyn and Leo

Carolyn and my brother Doug

Jill and John, two members of our host family

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb.  You choose which one is which.  They are interchangeable

Santa came to bring toys for the children.

This is my cousin Mary's daughter Helen.  Isn't she a beauty.

And of course my nephew Sam.  So cute.

Because I had to sit quietly for so long, there are so many pictures and people I missed.  That's always the maddening part of trying to shoot a large function.

It was a fun time and I am thankful I could attend.  I am paying still a bit for the food I ate, need to get back on the strict diet today.  Actually, I will not be eating until the afternoon.  Later this morning, I have an important meeting to go to about my sister Kathy whom I am her guardian.  So hopefully, my "digestion" will allow me to attend.  I need to get my quarterly blood drawn for testing for cancer markers this morning also.  and if there is time between the two, might fit in some Christmas shopping.  Have a great Monday.

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