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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hermit Made An Escape

Today, I was a bit nervous leaving the house.  Didn't eat breakfast, but with the Purdy food from yesterday, I was thinking things could get hairy.  Got to the Lab for my blood test about 8:30, and by 9:00 I had two hours to shop before Kathy's meeting.

Knowing that this might be my one and only opportunity to shop for Christmas.  I decided it was best to concentrate on Bailey's gifts.  LL does a great job for Kane and Max, and he gets stocking stuffers, but since I didn't have anything specific in mind for Bay, I decided to browse and found her some things she will like.  Dad just wont get the style or size right for his little girl.  I also picked up some nice reusable Christmas boxes to put presents in so hopefully we can use them year after year.

Kathy's meeting went OK.  Things look bad for funding, but we have a plan.  For Kris and my part, we need to  write letters for help from our new/old Governor.  Our new Governor was the one we had help us years ago.  So the timing is good.  And we will try to enlist the State Senator that was so helpful years ago also.  Times are tough, budgets are needing to be cut, but when it comes to special needs people's health and safety, well, strong advocating is necessary and appropriate.  So please pray for Kathy.

For the rest of the week, I will try to go through the storage boxes, and maybe do a little baking.  I will try not to lose sleep over the upcoming Dr. appointment with chemo doctor.  The week between blood test and the appointment is always the hardest.

It felt good to get out today and have my "digestion" cooperate.  The rest of Christmas shopping I have decided will need to be done here in town, on-line, or done by someone else.  It is just so nerve racking always having to be running distance to the restroom.  On a positive note, I am finding it much easier to get things done being housebound.  I get my medications in the mail, my photos I order on-line and get in the mail, I am thinking of signing up for Netflix, and I am hoping after Christmas, an e-book might go on sale so I can download books on-line.  As writing this, I had an accident, so it just reminds me to be that much more thankful I was able to get out and shop and attend the meeting this morning.  Got to count the blessings whenever you can:)

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