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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Aunt Laura

I have talked about my aunts in the past in this blog.  Let me remind you...........Aunt Leone is my enabler.  My mom coined the phrase because not only does she supply me with my garden plants, she supplies me with my chickens.  She is also the wine maker, carmel corn, and gizzard frying girl.  My Aunt Aggie is the one I spent the most time with as a girl.  Jean, her daughter and I were buddies growing up.  She is also the Master Gardener.  Aunt Linda gave me all the goodies for Marlin.  She also has blessed us with her baking and because of her age and relationship, she is like a sister.  And then there is Aunt Laura.  I haven't talked as much about her. She lives in Bend, Oregon.   If I ever moved from my beloved Silverton, Bend would definitely be one place I would consider living.  Google it if you are not familiar with it.  Aunt Laura always has brought things to me that she thought I might like from thriftstores and yard sales.  She is also the sewer of the family.  When the raffle was taking place at the Purdy Christmas, a holiday runner came up.  Everyone at the table heard me say, "Oh I really want that."  And because God, the heavens, and Angel Gabriel loves me.....I have a particular love for Gabriel.......I won!!  Although, I wonder where God, the heavens and Gabriel were when I was seeking Elton tickets!!!  But I degress.
It is reversable.  OK I need to iron it but you git the gist.
When I won it, Aunt Laura came to me and said if I wanted, she would make me a different one, maybe in red.  She reads my blog and knows I use a lot of red.  But I love the green holly with berries.

Pay no attention to the sleeping Kane in the background.

I am so blessed with a large, loving, loud. strong willed family.  And because I know Laura and Frank read my blog, I just want to say thank you for your love and prayers.  Laura is also a retired school teacher and never gives me a bad time on my spelling and very bad grammer, grammar, no, yes, no, grammar.  I think:)

I am also thinking of hitting her up for a couple sewing lessons.  I just watched a t.v. movie where three guys were trying to separate an egg.  It reminded me of how I look trying to work the sewing machine.  Sad.....Just Sad.

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