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Monday, December 20, 2010

Burrito's to Martha

This past weekend ended up being a little shopping, a little partying, and a lot of pain.  Saturday morning started out with a shopping trip to Salem with LL, to finish up Christmas gifts.  We were able to get it all done.  LL wanted to grab a bite to eat, so we stopped at a Mexican grill that offers healthy choices.  What a mistake.  After almost 2 weeks of relief from most of my extreme "issues".  I ate a vegetarian burrito.  It was delicious.  I thought I was being safe.  But am finding I need to eat very simply prepared foods.  Anyway, we went home and later, went to my brother's house.  We call David, Martha, because he likes to decorate his home, and his house looked beautiful.

I skipped eating at his party, but it didn't matter.  We ended up leaving when I started having problems.  I was up all night.  It was bad.  I ended up doing a little better by the time we went to my sis's home.  My mom, siblings, and I go to Kathy's home every Christmas to spend time with her.  She was wonderful.  In a great mood.  Lots of hugs for everyone.  I did not bring my camera, but Karen took pictures that I will post soon.

After that, we went out for lunch and I had Mahi Mahi and potato.  Very safe choice.  I still had issues for the rest of the day, but am hoping the burrito is just a bad memory now.  Lesson is definitely learned.  No more Mexican, Chinese, or any other mixed complicated food for me.  The cleaner and simply prepared, the better.


dreamer said...

Not a good time of year to have to try and avoid certain foods,with temptation everywhere. eek! I hope you get to enjoy the rest of the holidays with only minimal digestion issues.Take care :)

Konnie said...

Thanks Dreamer. I always been a bit of a foodie, so I really am having to be disaplined. The fall out of not eating right is too extreme.