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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Toto, We're Not In Kansas

What a weird day yesterday was.  First I want to show you a couple pictures I took a couple days ago.
This house is not the Griswold's house.  It is four doors down, not two.  I love how they decorate during the holidays, and at night, this house is beautiful.  They also do a wonderful job with flowers in the spring and summer.

Here is a day time shot of our town square Christmas tree.  Just down the road from my house.

I started my day yesterday, by gathering my supplies, and going to my Mom's house to make fudge.  I forgot my "baby", but had my point and shoot camera so took a few shots.

We made three batches of fudge.  I took a picture of my mom, but the disgusted look on her face made me think I better not post it.  Gee, she is a beautiful woman who should have lots of pictures taken of her.  But she gets a little mad so no picture of her today. 

I got home around 11:30 and started having "issues".  So while busy with the issues, my home phone rang.  Didn't answer.  My cell phone rang.  Didn't answer.  My home phone rang again.  Again, I was a little busy, but knew something was up.  So as soon as I could, I called my husband who was trying to get hold of me.  He said Aumsville, just south of Silverton had a tornado and he wanted me to go to the basement if the weather started to look strange.  Tornado?  We don't get tornadoes in Oregon.  OK we do, but since the 1800's only 98 recorded tornadoes, and all but three were EF-0 or EF-1 with little damage.  Good news is that the tornado was done before the storm hit Silverton.  Bad new is, my cousin's business was hit the hardest in Aumsville and the building was pretty much destroyed.  No one was seriously hurt.  Thank you God.  Still, the town and farms were hit by a EF-2 tornado, with many businesses and homes damaged.  Here is a sight to check out.  The Nichol Plumbing is my cousin's business. 

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dreamer said...

How devastataing that must be for your cousin, to see all their hard work swept away like that. Thank goodness they weren't inside when the torndo struck.