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Living with intention

When stumbling through life isn't good enough anymore..... decide to be yourself and enjoy life, and pay attention to Gods gifts all around.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French Press Coffee, A Reason To Take A Chance

Yesterday, I got quite a few things done.  The house is not quite the sty it was yesterday morning, I picked up a few things at the store for my sis and dropped it off to her, I made a casserole early for dinner, good thing.  Good thing I got things done early, because my time of not having bad "issues" came to an end.(no pun intended).  I got only a little sleep last night and am in quite a bit of pain this morning.  So what is the plan for today?

A long bath and if I feel capable of making it there without too bad an accident, a trip to Mt. Angel to visit Kris.  I figure, once I get there, I can have "issues" at her house as easily as at home and............she has better coffee:)

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