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Monday, January 24, 2011

Food Inc.

I mentioned a while ago that I signed up for Netflix.  One of the nice things about getting films for a set price, is that I try movies I might not rent normally for 4 bucks a shot.  So I am looking forward to watching more documentaries.  One I just watched was Food, Inc..  It is a film about the effects of large agribusiness practices and how it affects our food system and in turn, our economy and health.  The most interesting part of this film is that it features some brave whistle blowing farmers, a self described Republican mom, and so on.  People you would not normally think would be in a film about corperate greed and the warnings that come along with putting the health of our nation aside. 

I recommend this movie for everyone.  I think even if you don't buy into the downfall of world shipped, hormone infused, pesticide enriched foods, all the more reason to watch it if you find the modern processes of food does not hurt your health.  You can then say you seen it and it is a bunch of baloney.  For me, a woman with a cancer that old men only use to get and a growing number of younger woman, even younger than me are dieing from; one of the few cancers that has been known to be directly contributed to foods and diet, well I choose to learn a little more everyday about what I put into my mouth and my health.  I still eat a few things that are processed and not the best for me, but I do so informed and every month make better choices.  I hope if you have the chance to watch this film, you will.  Then maybe going to a local farmers market or buying beef from some small farmer like my Uncle Leo will be a regular habit of yours.  OK, my preaching is done.

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