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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Berry Sweet He Is

After a very long and painful bout with my "issues", I decided I better get outside before snow, ice, or rain came down.  Of course I took my buddy Beau with me, and after his grooming and his cute bandanna, he has a little spring in his step.

So we walk to the post office and then the park.  He loves the park.

He likes all the trees to use to take care of business.

I was bundled up but boy was it getting cold.

So far, my favorite type of photography is closeup nature.  I, for some reason get great satisfaction zooming in on something small and unique with a blurred background.

As I am writing this the snow is starting to come down.  Oh boy Oh boy.  Why I get excited I do not know.  It rarely accumulates around here.  If it does though, you can bet I will be posting some pictures.

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