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Monday, January 10, 2011

The P Word

Months ago, I posted about being in pain and in the title I used the medication name.  Ever since, I have had comments and spam about addiction.  I have two things to say about this.  1. I rarely use the med, and when I do, it is only when I am in so much pain that nothing else will help.  2. I have never deleted any of my posts, even the ones I have regretted............until today.  No longer will you find that one post I wrote in the middle of the night when I was in so much pain and was honest about it.  I thank all of you that understood it for what it was.  and I will pray for all of you who keeps commenting, thinking they are doing good but probably have never battled cancer.  I hope never again having to delete one of my posts.  I prefer to show everyone my flaws in my attempt to be honest in my life.  But I am just tire of reading ugly, uninformed comments from those who have not took the time to read further in my blog.  God Bless you all.


Kayli said...

I sometimes wonder if they have yet experienced true, raw pain in their lives. Boy, do they have a comeuppance in their futures! Please keep on being honest and true to yourself. Hugs, Kayli

dreamer said...

I'm sorry you have been getting negative feedback and have felt the need to remove one of your posts.I like reading your blog because you write about real life not a perfect idealistic version of your life.I remember that post and felt your pain at the time, sorry that you have had to remove it as it was a true record of just how you were feeling then.I nursed my dad and youngest brother through the end stages of their cancer so can empathise with how you felt when you wrote it.

Marie said...

OK, first I have no clue how I came upon your blog, but everything happens for a reason and what a post for me to read first is one about you deleting one that you wrote when with pain!!!!! How oh how can I relate to that!!!!!!!!!!!! First of all don't worry about what others say this is your blog to write how and when you feel, they are YOUR feelings and no one can take those from you!!!!! I haven't read the post you deleted and haven't read a lot of your blog but I can so relate to you being in pain. Please don't let others beat you up for how you feel. Been there done that!! If you have time stop by my blog and I write pretty much from my heart and soul and if I'm hurting I say it and I take pain meds I dare someone to tell me I'm a whimp for doing so, cause I'll bet they haven't walked in my shoes nor yours so how do they know how one feels???? I'm an RN and I've had nurses tell me there is no way I can be hurting that much and boy do I want to hurt them, anyway I could go on and on, I hope you feel better soon.