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Monday, January 10, 2011

Encouragment is sometimes the best Medicine

I know!  Four posts in one day.  Where is this coming from? 

It comes from a phone call I got a little while ago.  My Aunt called.  She reads my blog and she was concerned.  Partly of my not blogging every day and I think because of my tone of the last couple posts.  She voiced her concern and let me vent.  I love my family.  I talked about my frustration with the shootings, I talked about my sadness of needing to delete my P Post because of some nasty comments, I talked about my frustration of not having anything of interest to blog, being stuck at home.  This last point was what she chose to address mostly and encouraged me to keep blogging about my boring life, chickens and all.  But I guess there is still more going on that we did not talk about.

I blog often about my digestion, but probably about only a third of the time that it is a problem and that I am in pain.  I am frustrated about my weight.  I keep gaining.  Part of my frustration is pride, but most is that it contributes to pain in my abdomen and I can't seem to stop gaining.  And for the most part, I am so tired of being alone.  I know, I still go to mom's house, I go to stores on good days, and I get out more now then I did a couple months ago.  But compared to my old life or someones normal life.  I am isolated. 

Every outing has to be well thought out.  If it is an appointment, I carefully plan my eating, sometimes take Imodium, and yes, sometimes give myself an enema.  On fun outings, I am gambling.  Sometimes canceling plans, sometimes risking accidents, sometimes choosing to stay at home.  Part of the reason I am such a Debbie Downer right now is that I am basically a farm girl that doesn't like winter and needs to get out into nature everyday.  Thank you Mom for that trait!!  Sorry.  Anyway.

What you might not be able to tell from this post is that I am feeling a little better.  My Aunt Linda called and gave me much encouragement.  I needed it.  I then went outside and took pictures of the beautiful sky and of course my chickens.  Tonight, I am looking forward to being with LL and my kids and maybe a guest or two to watch the game.  I will take more pictures and tomorrow post the beautiful sky, chickens and maybe Beau's groomed hair and us watching the game.  So hopefully, bye bye to Debbie Downer, Hello to Eddy Upper!  Sorry, couldn't think of a good name to go with upper.:)

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