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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stark Green

Happenings...........My sis Kris came home a day early, late Friday afternoon.  LL and I went to visit her this morning.  She looks great and is getting around really well.

LL and I got a few things done around the house today, I then was going to make a nice early dinner, but the weather was so beautiful, I wanted to get outside before I ate and ended up with "issues".  So I went to the Oregon Gardens for a long walk and took some pictures.
The sun was beautiful.  There is not much to see at the gardens this time of year.

This area will be beautiful this spring and summer.

I did find the Conifer Garden beautiful with all the various green colors.

I took a few more pictures but will post them later.

Tomorrow is a big football watching day.  Both LL and Kane's favorite teams are playing tomorrow.  The Packers and the Steelers.  Wouldn't it be something if they were both in the Superbowl.  Things could get ugly around here.

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Kayli said...

The gardens look lovely even in winter. Thanks for the photos!

My hubby is a huge football fan also. I'll do a slowcooker meal so he can eat whenever halftime rolls around.