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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ghost Town

Last night, I was home by myself and decided to watch a movie on-line.  I watched The Truth About Spring on You Tube.  This movie has been a hard to find film which rarely gets played on TV.  So the fact that someone put it on You Tube a few months ago was a treat.
This movie stars Haley Mills, her father John Mills, and James MacArthur who just past away a few months ago.  If you have not seen this movie and you like a well made light hearted film, see it!

This morning, I got up early, like usual, and turned on the news.  What important story will be featured today?  Well the first news I heard was Sarah (Fergie) will be invited to the Royal Wedding.  I guess this is news worthy because last year, she was caught trying to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew.  Speculation is that because she was friends with William's mum, and she is the mother of his cousins, it is not that inappropriate to invite her to the wedding. How silly can the press be, I know the real reason she is invited to the wedding.........Think how boring and stuffy the reception would be without her.  All the men in their morning coats and stiff upper lips, the woman with their large hats and cheerio-ing.  They need Sarah there to perhaps drink too much champagne and become the life of the party.  Well her and Elton.  Certainly I would invite him too.  Think how much fun the party would be then.  Maybe they should invite me:)  I can be the life of the party, darn it!  Oh I forgot, I have problems traveling because of my "issues".  Well, I bet I would get an invite if it wasn't for that.

Any how...........While at the Oregon Gardens, I walked around the Children's Garden for a while. 

The gardens this time of year are very empty and, well, dead looking.  But no place is eerier than the Children's Garden.  It feels like a ghost town.  A place that use to be bubbling with life, laughter and activities.  But now looks spooky and abandoned.

The little model train stopped and abandoned like the rest of the garden.

Oh but look, I did find two others sharing the children's garden with me.

They are such a cute couple. 

I needed to head home shortly after the visit to the Children's Garden, but first I needed to get one more picture of the sun starting to go down.

I am so looking forward to the first signs of spring at the Gardens.  Have a great weekend and Go Steelers, Go Packers!

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Cate said...

I totally agree. Elton and Fergie at the royal wedding - what a hoot!