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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Football Lessons Would Be Nice

Yes, I am up in the middle of the night...........again.  I do have hopes of going back to bed though.  Today is the big Super Bowl Sunday.  If I were honest, I am not much of a football fan.  I understand basketball and baseball very well.  I enjoy watching basketball, college is so exciting, but I also love the Blazers.  Baseball, although I understand the game, unless I am watching it live, I get little enjoyment watching a game on TV.  Football is a game I could really get into.  But I don't understand it.  And, have you ever tried to ask a man questions during a game.  Ummm, at least LL doesn't have the patience for it.  I do understand enough to not embarrass myself to bad, I mean, I do know when to cheer "First and Ten, do it again, go over, go over".  And I do cheer it almost every time the cheer is appropriate, which again, tries LL's patience.

So I will attempt if physically up to it, to watch the whole game.  I mean, who doesn't love the commercials?  I also am a Black Eyed Peas fan.  I know.  You didn't think I was the type.  Well I will have you know, I have had one of their Cds on my Christmas list for the last 2 years.  OK, I haven't got a CD yet, but still. I like Fergie and  So, even if I do not make it through the game, I will definitely make it through half time.  Then there is the food.  Why does food taste better on Super bowl Sunday.  Any food.  We are having Pizza for the pre-game birthday party for Max.  And rumor has it, Karen went all out having a friend make a very special cake for the occasion.  Then later, taco soup, corn bread, nachos, chicken wings, shrimp cocktail and crackers, valentine cookies are all on the menu.  Now this is the problem.  If I have any hope of making it through the day, I should fast.  And since I have lots of "issues" the last few days, I am it lots of pain and definitely could use a day or two relief that might come from fasting.  But, do I have the discipline?  Not likely:(  Well we will see.  I am going to try really hard to make it through Max's celebration though.  No one enjoys his own birthday party like my Maxy.  He is my sweetie.  He's a momma's boy and knows it.  And today, I get extra hugs from him.  What could be better than that. 

So Happy Birthday Max.  I hope to take pictures of our day to post later on.  Wish me luck getting through.  Oh, I will have a good time one way or the other I am sure.

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