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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dodge Ball

I was able to go out this morning.  Kris, Kara and I went to Gervais to watch a dodge ball tournament.  It is a fund raiser for a children's hospital in Portland.  LL, Kris's husband Steve, Bailey and my nephew Rodney were on a team.  The team's name was The Plungers. 
LL gave it a good go and was one of the last standing for a couple games.

The other teams were gunning for Steve.  I guess they though he was the ringer.  Little did they know, with his back pain, he was lucky to be playing at all.

While I was there, Bailey played for only a few seconds.  But I missed the last round and am told she played more and was the last one standing for the last game.

The Plungers minus Bailey

Well I can't say their team did well, but they had a lot of fun and it was fun watching them.

Kris and I left early.  Neither one of us were up to waiting around for the last game.
I got home and was able to get a few things done before my "issues" started up.  I may likely be down for the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is a big day.  Not only is it Super Bowl Sunday, but it is also Max's 23rd Birthday.  His Godparents, Karen and David are hosting a birthday party for him before the game starts.  I am hoping all goes well for me physically, at least for Max's part of the party.  Should be a lot of fun:)

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