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Sunday, February 27, 2011


Yesterday, LL read my previous blog post and is now calling me Phyllis Stone.  He is as weird as I am.  I was hoping to do some photography yesterday, but it was blooming cold.  Today is suppose to be a little warmer but the rain is coming, but if I can fit in a trip to the Oregon Gardens after it opens and before it rains, I am hoping to get some great shots.

Today is the Oscars.  Kane and I have a tradition of going down the list, making our guesses and see who gets most right.  Yes we are dorks.  I think I am always at a disadvantage because I rarely see any of the movies, but I think I have won the last two years.  LL plays also, but he never does well.  This year in particular, I have not seen a single movie that is nominated.  There are so many categories but here is a few of my guesses.

Best Actor-Colin Firth, I am choosing him because I have loved him ever since he was Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.  He is in my heart, the one and only Mr. Darcy.  Kara agrees with me, I think.

Best Supporting actor-This one is hard because I have heard Christian Bale was fabulous.  But I am choosing Jeffery Rush.

Best Actress-This also is a hard one, from what I heard, it is between Natalie Portman and Annette Bening.  I am going to choose Natalie Portman.

Best Supporting Actress-I have been hearing Melissa Leo will get this, but I am going against the tide and choosing Amy Adams.  But Hailee Steinfeld might end up winning.  Again I have not seen any of the movies, but I love Amy Adams, she is lovely in all that she is in and critics say she was spot on in her role.

Best Picture-Been hearing Black Swan will likely get this, but am going to choose King's Speech.  Just because of my love of Colin Firth again.

I usually get the biggies like above wrong, and do well on the awards like screen writers and cinematography.  We'll See this year. 


Lynda said...

I, too, am a dork. I love to make my guesses based on the one I like best, not who I think they will vote in. My friend Carol will be watching with me and we have seen most of the movies nominated. My votes are for King's Speech, Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Hailee Steinfeld, and Christian Bale (even though I want Geoffrey Rush to get it). I found this year to be really difficult... so many excellent performances. Wanna make a wager?

Konnie said...

From what I see, you did realy well. I think Hailee is the only one you got wrong. So remind me next year not to bet with you:)