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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Feel Pretty, Oh so Pretty

Got my hair done.  Kris did end up weaving and making me blond.  If there was a scale between Sharon Stone and Phyllis Diller, I fall somewhere in-between.  Probably closer to the pre-plastic surgery of Phyllis Diller, but Kris isn't a miracle worker.  But I feel so much better.

The snow is all gone, but Oregon in now as cold as an ice cube.  A few days ago, it was an easy call for LL and I to decide this weekend would not be a good time to take Marlin out for the first time for the year.  No plans for the weekend. 

Good news for Henrietta, I was about ready to call my enabler, Aunt Leone, and switch a couple chickens but yesterday, Henrietta gave me an egg so I am going to give her more time to see if she will produce regularly.  This makes me happy because Henrietta is my favorite.  Hannah, you better start doing something because you have been a thorn in my side ever since I got you.  Hannah is the chicken who has yet to learn to behave.  Must say I admire her spunk but have never warmed up to her spunkyness like I have Harriet.  Harriet is on top of the pecking order, and Henrietta is at the bottom.  I am sure Hannah just fuels the discord between the other two.  Darn Her!!

I am doing really well on the elimination diet.  So far all the foods I have reintroduced are digesting well.  I have no pain and have more energy.  I even went to the grocery store yesterday around 2:30 in the afternoon.  Afternoons are usually the trickiest time of the day so I rarely go out at that time.  And I might add I have not wore a diaper for three days.  I'm a "Big Girl Now"!

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