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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rice, Rice, Rice!

I have had real difficulty with my "digestion" lately.  I have tried a high fiber diet, I have tried a low residue diet, I have tried vegetarian, so on and so on.  All of these work for a short time, a few days up to a couple weeks, but slowly my bowels rebel.  I have resisted doing what most have done in my situation.  I belong to a message board that is for colon/rectal cancer survivors.  Most on the board who have been successful managing their diet have done so by using a modified elimination diet and slowly reintroduce one food at a time.  They, this way, figure out if they can tolerate meat, dairy, certain grains, so on.  I am not very disciplined with my eating.  I like food, so sue me.  But I am finally ready.  I am tired of the embarrassment and pain.  So here is my plan and it coincides with my March goal.

For the next couple days I need to clean out my system.  I am not planning on fasting.  There is one food I know is safe.  Rice.  Plain old fashion rice.  So today, and tomorrow I am drinking water and eating rice.  When I am sure I am cleaned out and things calm down, I will start introducing foods, one by one.  This will take time, because unlike doing a food allergy elimination diet, I need to wait  till things digest to see if I can tolerate it.  Then if the food was a problem, I have to wait for my bowels to calm down before introducing the next food.  I am blogging about this because I know myself.  I have little disapline with food and need some accountability.  I am not sure how long this will take.  I am guessing a couple months.  This brings me to my already planned March challenge.

Since I already know processed foods are not good for me, and I do not tolerate those foods well, I am joining in on the real food challenge.  Click below if you want to check it out.

Real Food Challenge

Last year, I did much better with eating clean whole foods, I have regained bad habits.  So this challenge will be good for my health, habits, and pocket book.  A person doesn't have to have my health "issues" to benefit from taking on this challenge.  You can set your own perimeters.  LL is on board because he has his own stomach issues. This challenge will be tough on Bailey though.  She eats pretty healthy but she is so busy and always on the go and just has time to grab and eat something fast.  But she is an adult and so is responsible for herself during this time.

So I have almost a week to clean out and start reintroducing foods.  Today, I am making a big pot of rice so I can just reheat a serving when I am hungry.  We will see how I do.

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dreamer said...

Good luck,sounds like a long slog ahead but would be really worth it for you in the long run.