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Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm Already Gone

I know.......I never have looked better:(.  Well, while Beau was being groomed, and LL was doing taxes, I worked on getting Marlin ready for what I hope to be a busy RVing season.
I must say, it is kind of fun putting the new stuff my Aunt Linda gave me into Marlin.  We haven't taken it anywhere since November, so I need to make sure everything is restocked.  Now it is just the waiting.  Waiting for leaving my hermitage for somewhere different.  If I had my way, I would already be gone.

For anyone that might want to know on any given day how I am doing with my elimination diet, I will not be talking much on this blog about it.  But I will be journaling at least once a day about it on KJ's Kitchen Counter that you can find on the side bar under my other blogs.  This way, if you don't want information about my misery, bowels and what I am eating, you don't have to read it here.  If you do, well know that it might get graphic:)

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