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Thursday, February 24, 2011

It's Still Winter!

The weather men were predicting 4 inches today.  Don't think that is likely to happen, but it is suppose to snow off and on all day so we will see.  LL is home sick today, so I have company. 

Right now the roads are fine so I think Bailey will be driving to Woodburn for work without a problem.

Oh good, the snow is starting up again.  My sister Kris and I are like kids when it comes to snow.  When snow is predicted, neither one of us gets much sleep because we're checking out the window all night long.

It is rare for Silverton to get snow this late in the winter.  It is nice to be home during this time, and I am glad the roads are fine for those who can not stay home.  It is suppose to get colder later today so things might change.

So today I am planning on a bit of cleaning, and eating rice:(  Maybe since LL is home, we will watch a good movie.  Wish I could drink cocoa, but alas, my elimination diet.

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Kayli said...

Good luck on the 'elimination' diet, no, really! I did something similar after years of 'issues' that resulted in embarrassedly hasty exits and accidents. My hubby knows I'm serious when I say, "I need a bathroom NOW". Am not a cancer survivor so I can't totally relate tho.

Our weather is very cold, very sunny, and we wish we were having the snow you are having.

Have a good day. Kayli