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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sometimes Waiting For Something Is Worth It!!

                                              First thing first.  As you all know, I have no visual pride, so I am showing my before picture that would even make Beau, who is the pro with before pictures proud.

Note the sad wrinkled look.  Stay with me here.  I was really trying to grow my hair out.  But just couldn't do it.  Could do it when I was younger, but not so much anymore.

And here is the after.  Thank you Kris.  Must say, when I style it, it is a bit more spiky and wild then this picture shows.  Ya, that's how I roll.

Still I feel I am channeling Sharon Stone and Phyllis Diller here:)

Now, Some things are worth waiting for.  My Max, who most of you know has Autism, is creative and a dear,  has for a long time been wanting his own Laptop Computer that has the media capability to do his films.  LL and I have been willing to contribute, but only if he can get serious and save for it himself.  Like most people at his emotional level, he will take care of it better and appreciate it more if he earns it.  Well, he saved his Christmas and Birthday money, along with a little of his spending money every week.  We found one that went on sale but only had a few available.  So the saint, my LL, and Max at midnight last night, went and bought it.  He is sooooo happy and he deserves it.  It is a VERY big deal that he saved most of the money himself, and LL and I had no qualms about giving him the rest of the money.  He showed determination and maturity. 

Now for my waiting and worth it moment....For at least two years, LL and I have been saving and watching Craig's list, Ads, Sales, and distributors for a deal we could afford.  We bought a used one years ago, and had nothing but headaches.  So we were frugal and patient.  This is for mostly me, I am the green girl, and love the outdoors, but LL wanted something powerful enough so he could ride it when we are RVing.  Can you guess, I am sure you can. 

Here is my moped, scooter, or whatever you want to call it!!

It is a Brand New, never ridden 2009 Honda Metropolitan.  The reason we could afford it is because the 2011 models are coming soon and they had to get rid of about 15 of them.  So we got it for about half off and the full warranty to boot.  Yes we are that good!!

First thing LL did this morning is reinforce the platform in back of Marlin.

Oh yes, we are soooo ready to go somewhere.

Isn't it cute.  I am not sure where we will be headed, but I am so ready.

I am such a lucky and blessed girl and I know it!!

I must say, I already drove it to Mt.Angel this morning.  Going there was great!  Oh I was feeling good.  Cold, a little, but fun.  After going to Mom's, Kris's, and Karen's, I started back home for the 5 miles.  Oh my gosh, I guess the wind was going with me on the way to Mt.Angel.  On the way back to Silverton, the wind was against me and blowing hard.  It was cold and hard to even keep the scooter upright.  And also, on the highway there is a lot of loose gravel.  LL and my friend Ernie both think I need to buy a visor attachment for my helmet rather than goggles.  To use when I go out of town..I am all for that.

I haven't figured out the specifics but I want to do a contest for naming my scooter.  I need to find a gift, and need to figure out if I pick a name from one of my friends out of country like New Zealand, how do you get the gift to them?  I am thinking of picking out a bento that can be sent directly to the winner.  If any of my fellow bloggers can tell how to do this the best way, comment or e-mail me.  As most of you know,  I name my favorite Material items.  For example, Baby is my camera, and Marlin is my RV.  I have a couple ideas for my scooter, and if anyone is clever enough to come up with the same names..they will have the advantage.  I will not pick my own name, but one of yours.  Stay tuned for when I start my contest.

BTW- can you get any better than Boston's more than a feeling.  I don't think so:)


Vicki Graves said...

The scooter is adorable! But, where is Beau going to sit? :-)

Konnie said...

Oh Vicki, you are right. He goes almost everywhere with me. Don't know what to do about that. He would be cute in a little dog size side car though:)